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  "To say I'm a poet puts me in the company of versifiers, neontasters,
fools, clods, and skoundrels masquerading as wise men."
-Charles Bukowski   
  Thoughts about my Mother New
  The other day my wife asked me what is it about the Indian men that they are so attached to their mothers?...
  Is it possible to love a Company?
  After Steve B ran on to the stage frenziedly and with the kind of passion rarely seen but regular in the man,...
  The decustomerisation of America
  After my recent visit to America, I am more than ever optimistic about India...
  Love in Tokyo
  Folks, 16 years after my marriage I have fallen in love again.
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  Silicon Valley is the stuff dreams are...
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 Soven, my daughter, is  12. This is her space...
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"Ads are today’s cave art."
- Marshall McLuhan
  Oh, the power of an idea... and the thrill of harnessing it. Showcasing here is a small part of my portfolio  
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