Once upon a time there used to be a rat. He was an intelligent, handsome and brainy rat at that.
He was lacking no qualities. What was grander was that the Rat had whiskers like a king. So in due time, all the rats made him a king rat. Now it so happens that King Rat didn’t have a name. He was once exploring a jungle when he met a cat. Her name was Lucy and she was very beautiful! As soon as King Rat met Lucy he was head-over-heels in love with her. This was the same case with Lucy.
At first neither of them told each other about their feelings but introduced themselves and over time became good friends. They used to go to the movies and date. One day King Rat confessed his love for Lucy. Lucy was delighted and said that she felt the same way about him. King Rat was speechless with joy. Finally, Lucy and King Rat decided to get married.
Now, folks, have you ever heard of a cat marrying a rat, huh? They decided to talk to their parents. Lucy and King Rat went to King Rat’s house first. King Rat’s parents were flabbergasted “Rat marrying a cat” screamed his father. “You stupid rat,” said the mother in a shrill voice. However, no persuading would change the King Rat’s mind, so his parents decided on the wedding very reluctantly.
“You have to go to her parents first,” said his parents with nasty grins. Of course we are going to go, said King Rat. The two of them then went to Lucy’s house. All the cats were sitting on an old fruit tree. When the cats heard the proposal they fell off the tree. Father cat picked himself up, started shaking his tail and spoke at the same time. “Are you crazy, Lucy?” “Why do you want to end up with a rat?” demanded mother cat. “Are you nuts? This is scandalizing,” said brother cat. “S-C-A-N-D-A-L-I-S-I-N-G” “Lucy dear, let’s go,” said King Rat who was getting very annoyed. “Lucy you are a ninny and a twerp,” bellowed King Rat.
“I am going to marry King Rat,” said Lucy stubbornly. “Oh God” what have you done, what have you done moaned mother cat closing her deep grey eyes in sorrow. Finally, after much insistence the cat family agreed though still glowering. They decided upon the wedding date. Finally, the wedding day arrived. The thousand rats that trooped towards Lucy’s house were glowing like the setting sun.
The cats had hosted a banquet for everybody. There were cakes, pastries, chocolates, and sandwiches. You name it you got it. There were also wine jars.
So, the marriage was solemnised. After some time, as soon as King Rat got in bed, he was fast asleep, snoring loudly. In the morning when King Rat woke up he saw his wife preparing tea.
“What do you want, Honey?” asked Lucy. “Cold coffee or tea?” Oh! Just plain milk, said King Rat. “Honey, where should we spend our honeymoon?” questioned Lucy.
“Oh in Kodaikanal,” said King Rat. “My best friend is the GM at a hotel there called The Carlton.” Oh! What’s his name? asked Lucy. “His name, said King Rat puffing himself up impressively, is Tyrone Whiskers. And then bursting into laughter he said: “Let’s go to Kodaikanal. Full steam ahead I say.”
Lucy and King Rat reached Kodaikanal and then went to The Carlton. There they were embraced by Tyrone Whiskers who was covered with sloppy kisses by King Rat. Lucy and King Rat had smuggled themselves from Delhi to Kodaikanal on an airplane called Indian Airlines.
Times flies – Lucy was pregnant . After three months, spouted a newborn. Half cat and half rat and this is how the species began. Sad that now cats eat rats. But we should get into the spirit of things. So if you ever see half cats and half rats, don’t be surprised.

( Year 2003 )