End of May (1-8 June 2002)

I got up and started dancing. 'It is the end of May', I sang. Then I remembered that it was Sylvie didi's birthday. As we all must know she works in my Masi's house. We went there and gave her a present. Then I went upstairs to look for my cousins and found then sleeping peacefully.
In a devilish mood, I decide to wake them up. Iaian woke up with a start, rubbed his eyes and blinked at me blankly. He started whining and said 'where is mum'. I lifted him onto my lap and told him that mum was in Mumbai. At this he started crying and woke up Soraya who in turn also tried to console him. So we decided to divert Iaian's attention to the ladoos in the fridge as he loves them and can eat loads. The day was spent playing games and teasing my cousins.
The entire week was spent doing interesting things with my cousins, such as gardening, poster painting, playing hide and seek and chasing each other in the park. All in all, this was a very good week because I believe we have become close as brother and sisters. I feel this is wonderful and will make special efforts to remain close always.

Thought for the week: Getting close to my cousins has been a wonderful experience.

Mumbai Visit ( 31 May 2002)

Today went I went to my cousins' house, I found out that my Masi was going to Mumbai for a few days. I was very annoyed and started talking to my Masi about things. I also learned that her flight was at 2 pm. After lunch I fell asleep and dreamt that my Masi kissed me and went away. I got up from my sleep, looked around
and asked Sylvie didi what was the time. And where was Masi. She said it was 3 pm and my Masi had gone to the airport.
A few minutes later my cousin, Soraya, woke up and started dancing with me. The day ended with Soraya breaking a plate and dropping food all around and Iaian breaking a glass and I with a wound on my right leg. When I slept I dreamt that my Masi was enjoying herself in Mumbai.

Thought for the day: It's good to spend time with people one likes.

Enjoyable Day (30 May 2002)

Today the day was very enjoyable. As soon as I got to my Masi's house, I saw my cousins lying on the floor and mooning. I asked them what was the matter and they told me that they had fallen from their bicycles. They also told me that they wanted to eat a certain chocolate called Jamaica. 'Chocolate…early in the morning', said I. 'No way you dumb heads', I continued. 'You are a bunch of …idiots', said my Masi in between my sentence. Today we played games like Leap Frog, Save me from the Monster, and King Queen. For lunch we had Rajma chawal and curd . The day ended much to everybody's disappointment. In the evening, we went to the park and played dumb charades and relay race.

Thought for the day: I am a moody girl but love to be pampered.

Cousins' House Again (29 May 2002)

Today when I went to my cousins' house, I saw my cousin sis packing her bag.
When I asked her where she was going, she said that she was going to her friend's house to spend the day there. She said she would stay the night there. I pretended to laugh and she got crossed. Just then we heard a peep-peep and we looked out of the balcony. We saw Soraya's friend , Nilamberi, with her mother. They were waiting for her to come down. Soon she went to her friend's house. I was left alone with Sylvie didi and Iaian. We played with each other and I studied also. The day ended happily. When I went to my home, I freshened up and had a bath as I was sweating. I enjoyed the day thoroughly.

Thought for the day: My cousins are terrific and I think they should be comedians.

Cousins are Nice (28 May 2002)

Today I thought to myself, cousins are a bore. Must I see them everyday? I was going to my Masi’s house again, but forgot to mention that her maid, Sylvie, is very nice and does keep me amused from time to time. My cousins spent the day playing with their cars and toys and me with Barbie dolls. It was then time for lunch, after which we decided to sleep in the afternoon and take it easy. I did my homework and some writing practice. Afterwards we went to the park and moved around until it was time for me to go. I enjoy playing with my cousins today and realised that they’re not so boring, after all!

Thought for the day: Cousins are not bad.

Going back to Delhi (27 May 2002)

This morning when I got up, I realised it was only 6:00 am. I had a bath and was the first to get ready. I waited for a while before the rest woke up and got dressed. We had parantha and pickle for breakfast. After that my mom and I packed our bags as we were to leave for Delhi later in the afternoon. I was going to miss Hardwar.

After a quick lunch of karhi-chawal, we bade goodbye and started our journey. The drive back was a speedy and pleasant one and we covered the distance in 4 hours! As we were nearing Delhi, there was rain and dark grey thunderclouds. Within minutes, it began to pour cats and dogs and the temperature dropped drastically. The trees were bathed in rain and sunlight and looked fresh and green. The road wore a polished look except for the muddy splashes we kept getting into, thanks to the drains that never function on Delhi roads. We were home soon and my mom made some tea and snacks, before settling down to arrange the house. I just relaxed, read and took it easy.

Later that evening, there was a violent thunderstorm and within minutes large gusts of wind had uprooted trees in our colony. The lights went out, but thanks to the inverter we were able to sleep peacefully.

Thought for the day: Inverters are good to have.

Okay Day (May 26, 2002)

Today when I awoke, I saw my cousin Radhika fast asleep. I decided to get ready first and sprang a surprise on her when she woke up. She was astonished to see me all clean and ready. One by one, my mom, dad and all at home had their baths and finally we had breakfast which consisted of toast and cucumber sandwiches.

Later my father informed me that we would be leaving the next day which left me a little disappointed, but then my mom explained the reasons and that satisfied me for the time being. I then started playing with my cousin and decided to enjoy whatever time I had left in Hardwar. We had a quiet evening followed by an early dinner with paneer ki bhurji which I really relish. All in all, a good day.

Thought for the day: I think am reasonable when given a decent explanation!

Hardwar Visit (May 25, 2002)

When I woke up this morning, I was surprised that there was no rush, no hurry. I asked my mom if we were going and she confirmed that we would leave a little later instead. I was disappointed, as I wanted so much to leave right away. However, I got up and decided to get ready and help out with the housework to pass time till we left.
We were finally on our way. The journey was a pleasant and relaxing one. My mom had packed snacks and fruit for me, so I spent most of my journey eating and sleeping. When I was awake, we played some games.
It took us four hours to reach our destination and I was so glad to finally arrive. As it so happened my other cousin, Radhika, was also there, so I was relieved that I had company and would not be bored. All of us spent some time together before we decided to go for an evening walk. Radhika and I had a bath once we returned followed by an early dinner and went to bed. I enjoyed and loved my day.

Thought for the day: Cousin sisters are delightful!

Exciting Day (May 24, 2002)

When I reached my Masi’s place this morning, my little cousin Soraya, aged 5, chimed that we should play darts. We did that for a while until we got tired and then followed it up with a game of Chinese checkers. The neighbour’s son, Varun, also joined in the fun and games. We then rested for a while by watching TV. The rest of my day was spent playing games and cycling and doing a bit of my own reading. My mom came to pick me up in the evening and told me that we were going to Hardwar the next morning. I was very excited and was greatly looking forward to meeting my Dadi. I packed my own suitcase and spent most of the night staying awake as I was so excited.

Thought for the day: I am active and like action.

Dancing Day (May 23, 2002)

Today I felt like dancing…just like that. When we finally left for my Masi’s place this morning, my heart felt charged and happy. When we arrived at my cousins' place, both of them were dancing to Kehdo na with tremendous passion. I put down my bag and joined in the fun. After an hour of dancing, we decided to rest awhile and have a bite. We had saag-paneer and roti for lunch. We spent the afternoon dancing too and that’s how the whole day went …dancing

Thought for the day: Dancing’s fun, but only when I’m in the mood.

Fighting Fit (May 22, 2002)

When I visited my Masi’s house today, there was an unusual silence. I went up the stairs, looked around , but there was not a sound, nobody in sight. Suddenly, I heard peels of laughter and giggles and saw four funny faces tucked within the curtain folds – my Masi, Mausa and two cousins. All shouted welcome in unison. I felt good and welcome.

Then we started playing and running around and Soraya, my cousin, fell down the stairs. She blamed me for the fall and we began to bicker and fight. Then we vowed not to talk to one another again. Time passed and my sister apologised and said she was sorry and instead shifted the blame to her little brother. Another fight, I said to myself. The rest of the day passed peacefully. Then my mother arrived and it was time to go home. On our way back, I was asked if I had brought my bag with me, which of course I hadn’t, so again there was a squabble and I got scolded by mom for being absentminded and careless. Oh, what a day of chiding! Am glad it’s over.

Thought for the day: I dislike fighting. Peace is better.

Naughty Cousins (May 21, 2002)

Today as I knew I was visiting my cousins' place, decided to carry some games with me to keep occupied and some copies to complete summer school assignments. When I reached my cousins' place, Soraya, the elder of the two aged 5, was yelling to her dad and asking about her Barbie while Iaian the younger one aged 2, was busying himself with fast cars and dinosaurs. I rushed in saying Hi to everybody and could see that they were all glad to see me again. We had French toast for breakfast and then decided to play hide and seek. Then we cycled round the pillars in the living room. This was not to last for long …My little cousin Iaian let out a piercing yell and we rushed towards him to find out why he was crying. He told me that he had hurt himself. We consoled him and then decided to go to the park thereafter. The day ended happily.

Thought for the day: I have naughty cousins.

Visiting Masi (May 20, 2002)

Today I got up early in the morning, brushed my teeth, had a bath and a rushed breakfast as I was all set to visit my Masi’s house and meet my cousins – Soraya and Iaian. My mother dropped me off on her way to work and sure enough, there were my cousins waiting for me. As my mother left, we climbed the stairs back to the house with my cousin Soraya- who talked about games and what we could be playing and doing once we got home. My Masi was waiting upstairs and greeted me with hugs and kisses. We played lots of games and finally settled for lunch with Rajma rice and curd. Later that afternoon, we spent time in the park watching the birds and peacocks. My mother arrived after a while and we said our goodbyes. She later told me that I was going to be spending more of my time at my Masi’s place. I was thrilled at the news and jumped with joy and said hip hip hurray.

Thought for the day: My cousins are enthusiastic about playing games.

Dull Day (May 19, 2002)

Today was a really dull day. I had a slight fever, but managed to study and complete some of my school assignments. I lounged most of the day and slept for three hours. I had cherries, litchis and grapes and watched television while my mother did the housework. As I was not well enough to go to the playground, I called my friend to come and play with me at home instead to which she agreed. We played with the Salon Surprise Barbie and also hide and seek when I felt better. After a while, my friend left, and guess what, the lights went out too!

Thought for the day: I don’t relish dull days.

Out with Mum (May 18, 2002)

This morning, I was up early, brushed my teeth and had a nice cool refreshing bath.
I had a parantha for breakfast and was all set to go out and have fun with my mom. We first went to GK market, where my mom bought me some nice T-shirts and capris, since I am shooting up and needed new clothes! After that we drove down to Sarojini Nagar to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Our trip finally rounded off with a stop at Khan Market where we had lunch and took a look around doing some window shopping. We also visited the chemist to buy some medicines. After completing her to do’s list, my mom and I headed home. We rested for a while and then awoke to clean the fruits and vegetables. I helped my mom clean and wash up and then joined my friends shortly thereafter in the park. We played energetic games like running and playing catch-catch and then decided to go home as it was getting dark. I was looking forward to coming home soon so that I could open the Salon Surprise Barbie my Masi gifted me a couple of days ago.

Thought for the day: I love going out with my mom and having fun with her.

Lazing at Home (May 17, 2002)

Today I felt like being at home with my mom and doing indoor activities. I lazed around, had a bun for breakfast and watched Discovery for a while. I had Maggi
for lunch and then practised fabric painting on an old T-shirt of mine. After that, I slept for some time and got up nice and fresh. I went to the playground only to find a few friends. We had all brought our drinking water bottles since we feel thirsty and do not like to drink water from the tap in the playground. We played a couple of games before settling down to discuss about our schools, teachers and classmates. Time passed and we realised we had to go home as it was getting dark. We yelled our good byes and were off. I must admit that this was one of the laziest days of my life.

Thought for the day: I will try to utilise my time better in future and not laze around.

My day Today (May 16, 2002)

Today my mom decided to skip work and spend the weekend with me. We did some interesting activities like making a poetry and prayer book. My mom bought fabric and stained glass paints to keep us busy for the next few days. I also ended up doing a small design on one of my T-shirts! It was good fun.

After a while it was time to go outdoors. I called my friend to check if she would be coming to play this evening and she said she would. She came home shortly and we went to the playground together. One of my friends had brought a drinking water bottle which she used to splash water on all of us as we sweated and felt hot. One of the girls in our group was completely soaked after this and sadly was dressed to go to a party shortly afterwards. When her mother came to pick her up and saw the state she was in, she was astonished as well as annoyed. We were all given a scolding and told not to repeat such pranks. We decided then to tell each other stories instead and did so until it was time to go home. We said our goodbyes and went home. This day was memorable and will indeed be cherished.

Thought for the day: I love being with my friends and always have a great time with them.

Shopping with Masi (May 15, 2002)

This morning, me and my Masi hailed a cab and decided to go shopping. We visited Shopper’s Stop where we usually have lots of fun. We stopped at the clothes section where my Masi bought herself a cute top and two nice T-shirts for me. Then we decided to visit the kids' corner where she surprised me by presenting me with a beautiful present – The Salon Surprise Barbie ! I was thrilled with the gift and couldn’t stop thanking her until she got fed up and told me not to be formal and stop mentioning it. While my Masi paid the bills, we kids move to another space on the same floor to watch a puppet show. There were chocolates as freebies and Masi cajoled me to take some. Of course I did, since chocolate is a favourite with me! We returned home soon after and sweet thoughts of the nice trip kept me feeling good.

Thought for the day: I love being with my Masi and she is the best Masi in the whole wide world!