Biwi  New   happy women’s day     deham
that girl in yellow boots     hello mister devil    of horses and asses
Verse?   dispatches from the war zone   sliver: the film
Happy Holi     the battle continues…   butcher of gujarat
Other lives & I     the battle begins…   warlord among chieftains
Unmade   while you are away in Japan…   waters live: in verse
House of Memories   Japan cameos   mariann, her sister and...
Unspoken   cul-de-sac   two fat ladies  
Nowhere to run   down down down   i renounce religion
bhai dhuj   midnight knock   one: in search of self
Elusive closure   a moan for poetry   two: wanted a rebel
Mother on the other Side   dance of the soul muggers   three: nothingness
Your search continues   3 short poems on a lacklustre June Sunday   four: heart rock
The Bing Party   a goodbye that never was   the last sin
Waiting for rain   a penis thinks aloud after seeing a performance of the vagina monologues   i am a zoo
On Women’s Day   Ms. Jackson’s halftime show   syphilis and love
Devdas 2009 A.D.   last night he thought of
her as a woman
  shell and pearl
Chandramukhi 2.0     trip the light fantastic   i am an unmarried mother
Paro Next   the twelfth minute   the lovers
This time I will remember   if poetry were your lover…   rebirth
Butterfingers   dialectics   the young today
Sister, eat your demons   Pure Babe   sounds of silence
The Lady in Brown   T Revisited: Version 1.1   drug addict
The survival poem   she’s in love   the french lieutenant's woman
Battle of the Cells: Epilogue   on the way home   internal conflicts
Battle of the Cells, Part 4   party pooper   the beggar
On her way to stardom     conversation after a poem   we, the people
The Stalker- Part 2     what’s his game   the watchman
The Stalker     a night out   thoughts of you
Destiny’s child     like a virgin   melodrama
Falling down the Rabbit hole   discovery   of spanish omelette and after
Battle of the Cells - Part 3   on a cold beautiful night…   separation
Battle of the Cells - Part 2   butterfly   spaces in our togetherness
Battle of the Cells   the night of new poetry   sun of love
Silence, Take 2   everywoman    an eternal golden braid
ever a virgin     P Series (in ten parts)    lovers' honeymoon
Jellyfish   antidote    dawn of creation
An evening in Shanghai   T    two poems: of god and love
under a star spangled sky   Ramayana revisited    physical poems
blush on   stealing beauty    of fire and flower
stardust   wraparound mystery    night song
One afternoon Sunshine was in a reflective mood   reality check    a poet is reborn
I stare at a blank word document   Absolutely! (perhaps)    psychosomatic muse
Keep trying, Sister   Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House   half a man
Fizz   London Diary   a seductress of my thoughts
In Sin City on the night of a Coup   Nilgiris    middle age
Pluto reborn   ruminations at Kodaikanal    the elements
Paris ain’t a dumb blonde   second honeymoon    cross examination
What the blacksmith told wasn’t really a lie   three in a tube    delusions
If muse were my lover   installation art   death
Missing you at Caferati   borderline    probings
Saving Pluto     tonga ride   soven
Slices of Moscow     with apologies to   making love with a poem
Bitter Apple   monitor   questions
KANK   Ms. Lopez and her jewel-encrusted toilet seat   sprouting
Eight Siblings and One Stepchild     lesbian   stealing a moment with you
last night i was reading Bukowski   satine   communion and the aftermath
hey who's that gal?   don’t you ever give up on me   lust: a trilogy
slow down my boy   an Iraqi boy   why do we fall in love and...
love in the time of menopause   body and soul   how can we?
last night he made his daughter cry   beauty and beast   too much too soon
the knot   festival of lights   am i gonna fly?
boohoo cries the rapist in the hall   desert   cybersex cantos
Woman of Caferati   two divas in one night   fury: a poem for america
Ms. Dalal from Ahmedabad   forsaken   used rubber
Rita from Goa   Modi Rap   caught between two worlds
Ms. Liz and her darling Submissives (Unfinished)   her mother’s daughter and his father’s son      
on the brink   road      
she is so beautiful   rumpelstiltskin      
she’s coming home   a conversation      
living a somnolent haze   alienation      
i Shalimar the clown   crib      
she called from the train to Aswan   minority report      
a cabwoman in Manhattan   everybody says i'm fine      
farewell lunch   staircase      
Pygmy Country   night vision      
moving on its own steam    train to nowhere      
in search of a poem    on a starless night      
Paradise   southern spice      
Greenland    emma dotterell      
revisiting college    kankhal: lost innocence      
sad to see a grown up man cry    mago      
internet as therapy    the buffalo in tank top      
poetry as prayer     the big O      
Xanadu   rear of the year      
brutes in the bottle    a beautiful mind      
birds of prey    Hard Sell      
remix    rats      
cosmo query   three domesticated pigs      
Poems from the Web            
Religion and Violence as a Challenge to the Ecumenical Movement  
Folded Shadows   question and answer   the blackbirds are rough...