the last sin
  pale ashen sky
a bleary eye
clouds of recurring screams...
i am a zoo
  an octopus leviathan
tentacles into an ocean
of unformed emotions...
syphilis and love  
  syphilitic pall
stifles the clear blue
i contort...
shell and pearl
  amidst highs and lows
in life's ocean flows
a shell peony-mouthed...
i am an unmarried mother
  fed on stings
of barbed milk morality
my child-plankton...
the lovers
  cell upon cell
bridge of their union
hung on the pillars...
  ogre of age
and time cavil
at a warm picture...
the young today
  innocence thaws
at the altar
of ambition...

14 May 2005--6 April 2006

Ms. Liz and her darling Submissives (Unfinished)

Part 1

in rural Midwest
just before the onset of the flower
children generation was she born
a dimpled eight-pounder
with an angelic smile and clean pate
when she smiled her parents forgot
their sordid world
they had been growing apart
and she was an accident
the one that you bring yourself
to live with

for her few growing years
her mum made peace with her abusive
alcoholic husband and her bad-tempered boss
at the local bakery who was always eyeing
her ample bosom and her generous behind
her spirit was marred and in the birth
of her first girl child she saw
her own temporary salvation
came back from work early
and tended to the girl
she was her queen
and aptly named her Elizabeth
her father said a poor man’s
sodden queen eh!
and continued with his railroad job
got drunk as usual cavorted
with local whores
but when he came home
he tried to sober down
and take his child into his flailing arms
and look deep into her innocent eyes
during those wonder days
he thought she could perhaps
be his last chance
at redemption so as she grew
her parents also tried
to grow up with her

this continues for a couple of years
but like all good things in life
it was too good to last
her parents lives didn’t change
and all the promise that their daughter
brought at least that’s what they thought
seemed to disappear with the passing
of  relentless time tick-tock-tick
now they began to see their girl
as a good for nothing child
who in a strange way
also forsook them

at the face of it she had a normal childhood
there were occasional birthday parties
nothing too fancy but the usual stuff
gathering of neighbourhood kids
the show of bonhomie
cakes and pastries
the colas and the general
pitter-patter of kids
she remembers that most of the times
her father was not a party
to these celebrations
he preferred to suckle
the nipples of a local tart

Part 2

school was cool
she got to move out
and be with her friends
ah the first lessons
in kinship very early in life
she developed a survivor’s instinct
right from doing her homework on her own
to keeping her pain to herself
she knew her parents were grappling
with their own inadequacies
and she couldn’t be heartless
to impose more trouble
she was friendly with Karen
they were best friends
together the girls had fun
and then Karen’s dad moved out
and she lost her only friend
and so in bursts and fits
she managed to grow
and reach the fascinating
and feverish young age of sixteen
sixteen the age of innocence
the age of flowering
the age where sensuality
just tiptoes into a young girl’s body
and begins to sprout wings
she discovered she wanted to fly
to reach out for the sun
she had heard of Prometheus
who went for the sun
and got burnt
precocious she wasn’t dreaming
impossible dreams and was smart
to look at what she thought was possible
very early in life she had discovered the art
of the possible and was a dreamer
who had her feet planted
firmly on the soft
dew-swept ground

one day she was at her uncle’s farm
and found herself to be alone
with the farmer’s daughter
a stunning sensual and earthy
redhead with pixelated breasts
it began as an innocent teen girl banter
silly at first
then a stirring and a flutter
a trifle awkward and bashful
upper body groping
gentle massages nuzzling
and playing kissy face
flush and blush fulfilment
a woman knows how to arouse another
men are too selfish to care
isn’t all human sexuality a pendulum
in motion a continuum
of experiences and encounters

her first awakening
had just dawned on her

Part 3

at the tender age
of sweet sweet sixteen
she discovered her true calling
it was at a party
the typical teen party you know
lotsa fun booze canoodling grass
and heavy inebriated petting
she met a girl
doesn’t remember her name
but she was a year or two older
Carolyn was she they got along
like fire
mingled and hung out
to see what sort of mischief
and high they could find
then Carolyn invited her
to cruise for a while
they ran the strip
and hit the country back roads
meandered around
the summer night
and ended up parking
on a lonely suburban stretch
and got intimate
as the evening flowed
brought out the blankets
and laid under the moon
and the stars in the woods
there were stars in their eyes
and cinders in their thighs
things moved rather quickly
from here snuggling hugging
probing kissing maddeningly
passionate and somewhat primal
they undressed each other
and satiated their hungers
how did tall earthy flower
child Carolyn taste?
spicy-sweet earthy musky
and tangy
she was the fashion and rave
at college curvy impish
with killer legs and sexy hips
the lady was to "die for"
in halter-top and cut-offs...
Ms. Liz later recalled
"once you've sampled
honey fresh from the hive
there's just no settling for
or going back to sugarcane"

so it was quite natural
that she went from those heady
teen radiation years
to the slower mellow savoury
smouldering mid-adult stages
the journey of life
discovering itself
had a rather intense
and exquisite relationship
with another wild child
that lasted about three years
Rhonda was her name
they were both doing
flunky-clerical type jobs
in the Midwest ah all through
she’s been a Midwestern lass
you gotta hear that throaty twang
spontaneous adventurous Rhonda
had earthnut spirits
and now-rooted now-free sensuality
an electric spark surrounded
her deep pool of erotic ambience
the two of them shared many
deep sea explorations and forded
through consuming waters
sometimes subsumed
sometimes testing
sometimes plunging
threesomes casual-flings
creative sensual bonding
and the works
the flings of the pariahs
at the fringes
they were out there at times
and at times danced
over the edges
letting themselves hang out
and just be
orally delighting wild crazy
mingling and merging
taking turns being
the "dish of the day"
or diving into one another
for regal feasting
just about anything
handy or expedient was deployed
armoury of the peasants
tools of the silken trade
the muse of the rustic
the rim of passion
embellishing the crevices with
or jam or whatever
waterway play too
in showersbathspool
outdoors in the woods
or forest preserves
it was a holistic union
body in conversation with body
chemistry reigned
and the mood set the tone
wiggly toes often took a stroll
into forbidden places

it was the age of innocence
the age of experiments

Part 4

blindfolds light bondage
anal probes dildos vibes strap-ons
multiple orgasms
some denial delay thrown in
what’s it with blindfolds
that made her forget?
the thrill of being taken
and played with
the plaything of the God
or a demonic lover
with a creative appetite
gently tied to the bedposts
or being restrained
in some delectable manner
quite tame and mild
just the required repose
that sets life in perspective
women are far more polymorphic
when it comes to their sexuality
with Rhonda those years
it was the basic plug and play
minus the deep frills and thrills
the games adults amuse themselves
with in developed time
or heightened consciousness
but did sow the seeds and reap
a few wild oats and barley
that were to blossom in later years
and before we go
what was the taste of Rhonda?
mmm musky and honeyed
is what comes to mind...

such is the thing about denial and delay
a kind of inventive sparking
a touch of novelty or change of pace
to the usual put the sparks
to the tinderbox and build a bonfire
it’s like life isn’t it
a series of hysterics
and joys forming to create
a pattern prolonging
the sweet release
to satiate the final rupture
of passion
call it riding the ragged edges
or waiting for the tides
to crash upon the shores
she said it’s far more "savoury"
noticed savoury is her favourite word?
when it's a shared experience
tribbing a blissful ride
tribadilism a work of aboriginal
art an expressionist painting
coming to life
scissor up Marie Jane
between my legs
and let us together achieve
nirvana the sisterhood
of black and white maidens
let our clitoris
become one and join
the dance of heavens

Part 5

after Rhonda she went through
a casual-relationships phase
for a while nothing long-standing
and then buxom and blonde
Cathy came into her life
Ms. Liz was around twenty-six
recalled meeting her
at a professional do
the hunting ground of the suave
depending on your skills
can be a feast or famine
she had matured a bit
and gotten a tad more seasoned
and was ready for her
first "mature relationship" 
that would take her
to new thresholds
Cathy was in her mid 30s
and to her sensibilities
worldly and ethereal
the adventure they were
to embark upon
was more about depths and nuances
than the "flash-in-the pan"
wildfires of sexuality
laying those first foundation
stones as it were
for later years

and the story continues…