the last sin
  pale ashen sky
a bleary eye
clouds of recurring screams...
i am a zoo
  an octopus leviathan
tentacles into an ocean
of unformed emotions...
syphilis and love  
  syphilitic pall
stifles the clear blue
i contort...
shell and pearl
  amidst highs and lows
in life's ocean flows
a shell peony-mouthed...
i am an unmarried mother
  fed on stings
of barbed milk morality
my child-plankton...
the lovers
  cell upon cell
bridge of their union
hung on the pillars...
  ogre of age
and time cavil
at a warm picture...
the young today
  innocence thaws
at the altar
of ambition...

Rita from Goa

i want to write a poem to take my pain away
a poem? you mean you can summon a poem
just like that as a pain reliever
i can always try
let’s see
well last night in the neon-lit seditious alleys
of cyberspace i met a girl from Goa
she called herself Rita said she was a barmaid
and liked watching the wet delicious rear
of hunks on silken Goan beaches
was she for real?
am not too sure in her picture she looked real
on her all fours with her tight ass
protruding in the face
because in the phantasmagoria
reality is just round the corner
what is real in real time is
every mask you wear is real
every cloak you drape is real
every avatar you wear is real
every conscience you kill is real
so what about Rita?
oh she was but a minor interlude
in my passage
why what happened?
she said “if i don’t have a cam to show
i should fuck off”
i don’t have a cam
she said she was scouting for men to show
her their ware and had no time to waste
on a loser
are you a loser?
aren’t we all?
now don’t tell me you are going to call this
a poem?
i am not too sure
Rita surely won’t be pleased

i want to write a poem to take my pain away

lemme try again…

( 15 April 2006 )