the last sin
  pale ashen sky
a bleary eye
clouds of recurring screams...
i am a zoo
  an octopus leviathan
tentacles into an ocean
of unformed emotions...
syphilis and love  
  syphilitic pall
stifles the clear blue
i contort...
shell and pearl
  amidst highs and lows
in life's ocean flows
a shell peony-mouthed...
i am an unmarried mother
  fed on stings
of barbed milk morality
my child-plankton...
the lovers
  cell upon cell
bridge of their union
hung on the pillars...
  ogre of age
and time cavil
at a warm picture...
the young today
  innocence thaws
at the altar
of ambition...

Falling down the Rabbit hole

Sometimes in the wee hours of the morn
Or on a weekend afternoon
He changes into tight black leather pants
And a shirt dotted with neon-lit stars
Revs up the mobike and kisses
Interstellar highways
The bandana on his head
Flows like the flag of No-country
“Country roads, take me home”
The primal cry of a nomad
Speed racing on parallel tracks
Of faith and delusion
He looks into the rear-view mirror
And sees his life converging
In slow motion, in bits and pieces
As a whole, and then it’s a blur
Not the loss of memory
Mirrors rarely lie
But they can be kept aside

In his Xanadu
Sex and friendship come easy
In that order
Understanding is for the taking
His women wear 36D push-ups
And have pointed breasts
Sensuality and succulence
Best of both the worlds
Here poetry touches the soul
Of the flirtatious
And the liberator
In his avatar
-frail inside, macho outside-
Lies his salvation
And his damnation
Staccato compulsive behaviour
Keeps defining him
“Which colour bra? Not pink again.”
Lacy and under wired
A schizophrenic duality
Aching to break free
It’s “hello, boys” time again

In the weekly local bazaar
Neighbours gossip and empathise
With his stoic wife
An insider, she says:
“He’s a good person.
Just fallen down this Rabbit hole.”

26 August 2007   

(Sue Hoogestraat on her Second Life addicted husband)