the last sin
  pale ashen sky
a bleary eye
clouds of recurring screams...
i am a zoo
  an octopus leviathan
tentacles into an ocean
of unformed emotions...
syphilis and love  
  syphilitic pall
stifles the clear blue
i contort...
shell and pearl
  amidst highs and lows
in life's ocean flows
a shell peony-mouthed...
i am an unmarried mother
  fed on stings
of barbed milk morality
my child-plankton...
the lovers
  cell upon cell
bridge of their union
hung on the pillars...
  ogre of age
and time cavil
at a warm picture...
the young today
  innocence thaws
at the altar
of ambition...

the big O

at last there is hope for the world the big O
is getting rescued from the vice like grip of prudery
and 'comeuppance' of pretentious moralists
what's there to be apologetic about
the quintessential quality-of-life matter
shorn of seedy trappings of social mores
imagine if there were no orgasm just imagine
sex would have been reduced to assembly line production
with robotic men and women performing desultorily mechanically
a pipedream of reproductionists
and if there were no incentive to perform at the end
of a tiresome day performance would have trickled to a naught
artificial insemination would have ruled the roost
with a deadpan controller of reproductive performance
belting the hell out of shirkers in an orwellian mould
the human race if not endangered would have been a joyless collage
of cardboard creatures with toothy plastic smiles spray painted
so in a way we do owe our survival in present form
less to darwin but to all powering all encompassing the merciful
and the bountiful much maligned and misunderstood the big O
more than a momentary splutter of many nirvanas
the progenitor of civilisation

coming on the heels of the brazilian adventure
on the web there is a talk of celebrating the many splendoured O
solo or couple mono or bi hetero or homo one and all
listen to the clarion call of bonding a holistic union of body and soul
if you would like something more temporal
woody allen's sleeper has an orgasmitron to monitor the intensity
and from the land of hot-water bottles comes an invigorating news
ann summers a major british sex store chain
announced a national O day for women
'to stake their claim to a full and satisfying sex life'
the slogan is pithy and pertinent: 'make it not fake it'
the internet is a wondrous thing there is even G.O.D in there
you got it the global orgasm day and its manifesto:
'human biological ecstasy is a higher level…those who seek to squash
or control it are working contrary to the flow of nature'
beyond white-light eye-rolling heaven-on-earth feeling
making love is a joining experience
a consummation of two separate egos
and their union into one the atman transcending into brahman
in these days of strife is it possible to unite a disparate progeny
through a collective burst of creative energy
that may sweep away the tides of darkness
i leave this thought for you to mull over.

A village in northeastern Brazil on Thursday marked its second annual "Orgasm Day", launched by concerned, if not frustrated town officials to try to boost the satisfaction level of local women.
Officials in Esperantina, a burg of 34,000 in Piaui state, had determined that precisely 73 percent of local women were less than satisfied by their partners, which was leading to cheating, separations and divorce. (AFP…May 10, 2002)

(12 May 2002)